The 5 Smartest Solutions Your Cabinets Need, Now

The word “cabinet” doesn’t exactly connotate technical innovation–but perhaps it should. After all, we’re living in the technology age so why aren’t your cabinets? Below, you’ll find 5 of the smart…

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Shades of Gray

Gray cabinets are becoming popular for modern Kitchens and Baths;  from Wellborn Cabinets several gray selections.  The lighter ones are very nice – the darker shades I find too strong to live with.   Nice design for the bathroom vanity with open shelves.

Source: Shades of Gray

Decorating with Fabrics, draperies and upholstery

Interior Design, Modern Drapery Design, Custom Area Rugs – Great Falls, VA

2015 Interior Design and Custom Area Rugs, (20)

Family Room custom carpet with matching border, size 14′-6″ length x 7’9″ width

We began the home design by first selecting area rugs for the Family Room, Foyer and Living Rooms.  The customer called for assistance exhausted from searching, ordering and returning rug selections trying to coordinate with her existing furnishings and light yellow painted walls.  We presented many patterned broadloom carpet selections in her home with her furniture and lighting making the selection process simpler.  The Family Room and Foyer carpets match and use a wool and silk broadloom field with a matching border. 

The Living Room carpet has a patterned field bordered with two solid color carpets.  The custom fabricated carpets are able to be sized to fit the room dimensions and coordinate with her existing furnishings beautifully.

2015 Interior Design and Custom Area Rugs,

Custom Carpet 1st designed with grey accent border

custom carpet design process

carpet selection process in home with actual lighting









Modern home interiors include custom window treatments completing the finishing touch of any room.  We used a traditional swag and jabots drapery style fabricated with a contemporary sheer fabric and banded with a shimmering gold silk fabric.  The small gold banding provides definition to the swags and jabots and highlights the pattern in the sheer fabric.  This modern drapery design with traditional styling blends nicely with the home’s architecture is used throughout the main level rooms for a unified design.

Windows draped with beautiful fabrics, define the views, add warmth and character to complete the home’s design and provide acoustical softness. Drapery design takes time selecting the right materials and hardware to enhance your existing furnishings.  When designing custom window treatments it is important to scale the treatment perfectly to the window shape and size or to the entire window wall, as in the Family Room with 3 windows across the back of the home.   Here we framed the entire wall of windows using the jabots with long tails on the outer edges and short tails in the middle – notice that the short tails are perfectly aligned with the wall sconces creating a nice balance.  The goal is to allow maximum viewing and just the right decorative element to complete your interiors.

Our favorite drapery fabrics are light, airy sheers with timeless design patterns as in this elegant sheer embroidered with gold and silver threads.  Contemporary sheer fabrics have a soft elusive design and do not overwhelm a room as heavier fabrics of traditional drapery stylings.   

Pet Lovers: Create a Unique Space or Your Four-Legged Friends

Pet owners are requesting separate bathing areas for their pets especially when they own larger sized dogs. Mud rooms and laundry rooms are great places to incorporate a shampoo station for your beloved family members.

Wellborn Blog

Are four-legged friends part of your family? Most of the time they are treated as if they are, so don’t they deserve a space to call their own? People make decisions on building and remodeling all of the time; however, most often the four-legged family members are not included in the plans. What if you could create a design that included pet friendly features that are not only beautiful but functional as well? Cabinetry is a wonderful way to provide pet friendly function to any room. There are three categories to keep in mind when integrating your pet into the design of your next home improvement. Pets, like humans, need a place to be bathed, to sleep, and to eat. These are three spaces that can easily be incorporated into rooms of your home while disguising their purpose.


Whether your dog is large or small, having a space to…

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Trinity Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror

Emerging Trends – New LED Light Fixture Designs

New LED light fixtures create unique styles and add dramatic accent effects. Some of our favorites include lighted bathroom vanity mirrors which provide soft illumination for make-up applications – shown below from Electric Mirror with optional upgrades for TV Choices, Defogger, and Night Lights.

Trinity Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror

Bathroom Vanity Mirror with natural even lighting

Providing natural even lighting to illuminate the user. Trinity™ comes in four standard sizes and custom sizes.

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

Integrity Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror

The Integrity Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror is a polished edge mirror and an inner frame of frosted light available in six standard sizes or custom sizing.

LED Wall Wash Lighting Fixture

LED Wall Wash Lighting Fixture

We use Wall Wash lighting for dramatic effect and it’s ability to provide highlighting of walls while accenting artwork and adding glare free lighting to a room.  Sure to be an emerging hit among homeowners and one of our favorites is Edge Lightings Reveal Wall Wash dimmable LED system that mounts flush in a 5/8″ drywall ceiling. Units may be mounted continuously and even wrap corners for a uniform wall wash effect. Sold in 1 foot increments and can be cut to any length. LED fixtures are available in 5, 7, or 10 watts per ft. with a separate power feed every 100 watts – lamps available to 95+ CRI.

Executive Desk Chair, Office Furniture

Increase Employee Productivity with Ergonomic Seating, Office Furniture Solutions

Comfortable Employees Are More Productive and a company’s most Valuable Asset

Executive Desk Chair, Office Furniture

Mesh Back Executive Chair
Mesh back chair comes with a three-dimensional knit back that distributes weight evenly in all directions allowing the knit back to self-adjust to the user. Offered with a fixed or adjustable back and 3 seat sizes, 4 heights and several adjustable mechanisms to provide individualized control and comfort.

Comfortable ergonomic seating enhances Employee Productivity allowing workers to relieve stress points and make chair adjustments that suit their individual needs.  Employees often break for coffee, water, rest room, etc. uncomfortable in older desk chairs they get up automatically as if in a rush for something. Newer desk chairs designed with ergonomic features include:

Chair height adjustment

Seat Back height adjustment

Lumbar support and/or air lumbar control

Seat Back reclines without seat moving in fixed position or free float option

Adjustable height and width and/or pivoting arms

Other specialized features ie: sliding seat pan, articulated waterfall edge

Comfortable employees will remain focused on business activities for longer concentrated periods.  A well designed chair allows the employee to adjust the chair to fit their body size and type.  Feet flat on floor (in flats or heels), no pressure under the knees and a comfortable supportive back rest that moves with the individual allows the employee to shift body position without getting up from their chair.

Office Furniture Ergonomic Chairs and seating

Comfort lies with the Suspension System
This patented technology revolutionized desk chair seating in the early 90’s. copied now by many seating manufacturers, there is no plywood in the seat with the polystyrene suspension remaining as comfortable as the day you purchased the chair.

A modern HR Employee Empowerment Technique is to provide employees with a well-designed Ergonomic Desk Chair that alleviates back stress, knee and ankle joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome and will assist the employee’s task focusing abilities. New chairs make the  employee feel special and well treated, the employer reaps the Productivity Benefits with a payback in very short time.

It takes a Forward Thinking Leader to make the decision to replace all the Employee Desk Chairs at one time given the associated costs however the payback is quick and substantial when compared to worker output.
Instead of replacing all the chairs at one time you could phase out several older models and reward your best employees with new chairs.  In time you can continue to phase out more of the older chairs especially if you are growing and need new furnishings.

Ergonomic adjustable desk chair, Office Furniture

Ergonomic Task Desk chair
Adjustable height back allows user to position lumbar support, several arms options including gel pads and several adjustments for seat and back moving together or independently allow user to find their optimum comfort zone.

Reward loyal employees in inventive new ways showing your company appreciation. We have installed thousands of new desk chairs for small businesses, Associations and Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years.

Office Furniture, executive desk chairs

Executive Desk Chair
Available with a fixed or adjustable back, 3 seat sizes, and several adjustable mechanisms, offering multi-function user positions. One of our best-selling chairs for Executive offices and conference rooms; we installed 44 chairs in a Chantilly, VA, DOD Conference Room after four staff members tried out 5 different mfg’s.

In addition to the exceptional comfort of these desk chairs all of the upholstery zips off for easy field replacement should the upholstery become damaged beyond repair. Side chair models have a slight spring in the seat making them more comfortable than traditional chair options. A top executive in Alexandria, VA where we ordered 86 chairs for the office remodeling project wanted to have a different selection feeling that every chair from the same manufacturer was restrictive. We brought in several other manufacturers and after selecting one for her office she admitted after 3 months time that she should have ordered the recommended seating – she could feel the difference in the seat comfort.

Office Furniture Leather Desk Chairs

The not so little Black Leather Executive Desk Chair
Ideal for prestigious conference rooms or private executive offices. A top Executive selected this desk chair with (6) matching high back conference chairs. The executive compared this chair with the avant-garde, nationally acclaimed mesh desk chair and after speaking with by other top executive peers that their wool pants were piling from the mesh seat material. After testing both chairs for one week the order was for this comfortable upholstered version pictured.

Kitchen Storage that Hides at Floor Level, Toe Kick Drawers

Great ideas for adding more kitchen storage and clever use of toe kick drawers. All manufacturers standard toe kick is 4″ in height. Toe kick drawers in a standard 4″ base will allow for items that are 2 1/2″ in height or less to be stored. If you wish to store pet bowls or larger items then you need to ask for a higher toe kick.