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Steam Dryers for the longer life of your clothes

We just learned from one of our local vendors that Dryers are now available with STEAM
Steam in dryers can provide a softer laundry, wrinkle free and no need of ironing. Worn an article once and would like it nice and fresh – toss in steam dryer for 20 mins. and the dryer will produce warm steam to remove odors and wrinkles. Love the idea – definitely worth considering for your next Dryer purchase.

Looking for a new dishwasher – check out this site for tips on size and features to suit your needs:

Dishwasher features, size and ideas


2 thoughts on “Home Appliance Updates

  1. Great, but not as fast as claimedout of 5 starsI just recieved my portable wonderwash and this spin dryer. I washed two large men’s shirts in the washer yesterday (a large load), left he bucket upside down to drain over night, and placed them in the dryer this am. I have no counter space to speak of, so I placed the dryer in the bathtub. I was a bit concerned because the bathtub walls were not two feet away from the dryer, as instructions recommend, but it worked beautifully. Much more quiet than the washer. I did not wring the shirts before putting them in the machine (which they nicely filled), so while not sopping, they were still fairly wet. At first the water came out in a steady stream, but it took 40 minutes for water to stop trickling out of the drain hose. At that point, the shirts were only slightly damp (some areas were even starting to look their normal lighter color). I hung them on hangers to dry, left for a couple of hours, and returned to find them completely dry. They were also much less wrinkled than when I used to wring and hang dry. (Of course it IS winter, and the air is VERY dry. I’m sure it would take longer in summer humidity.) I don’t know yet how well it will hold up in the long run, but at the moment , in spite of the longer than expected drying time, I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.


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