Traditional Interior Design Furnishings and Details

Traditional English Furniture and Drapery, Great Falls, VA

Federal style fireplace, coffered wood ceiling, English furnishings, traditional swag and jabot drapery design


Creating a traditional style living room


Traditional Interior Design and furniture, Great Falls, VA

Traditional Interior Design with English Furnishings, Swag and Jabot Toile draperies

Are you longing for a traditional style living room? When people think of traditional interior design, they associate it with a timeless, calm and classic living space. One of the reasons why this decorating style has stood the test of time is because it’s incredibly flexible and can be married with various other decor styles whether that be contemporary or rustic.

As this is the most common decorating style of all, it’s likely that you may have grown up in a home that was decorated in a traditional style. Traditional style incorporates decor from a diverse range of time periods and cultures can include just about anything from ornate and opulent to simple and spare.

One of the main reasons why this style is still regarded as traditional is because of the lines of the finishing and the use of architectural details. In this article I will provide you with a number of ideas to help you create a living room that is both traditional and comfortable.

Traditional Furnishings Great Room Interior Design, Reston, VA

Traditional Furnishings, Custom Upholstery, Window Treatments and Area Rugs


Traditional Interior Design with custom Entertainment Center, Reston, VA

Traditional Furnishings with Custom Entertainment Bookcase Unit and custom Area Rugs


Consistency is paramount when creating a traditional style living room, so try to create a consistent theme that is based largely on colour. Neutral color tones are often used on large pieces of upholstery and walls. Part of the reasoning behind painting the upholstery and walls in neutral colors is to mute them and divert attention to other showpieces such as rugs and amazing art pieces.

All white color palettes are a good choice if you want to allow your living to lend itself to both opulence and minimalism. That being said, balance is the most important consideration to make when selecting colors for your living room. The general rule of thumb is to only use bright colors if they are offset by neutral tones.


Furniture found in traditional styles usually tend to have a familiar shape that is both recognisable and iconic. A prime example of this is the Chesterfield Sofa; although it has been reinterpreted numerous times it is still most suited to traditional decor styles. Pieces of upholstery should be comfortable and neutral without being too fussy.

To create a relaxed feeling of elegance, try combining a Chesterfield sofa with antiques and some subtle contemporary pieces. Rich wooden tones and painted pieces add a nice element to traditional style; this can be done with painted wooden tables or dressers.

High back leather sofa with traditional tufting

High back leather sofa with traditional tufting

Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield Sofas traditional (2)

Traditional English Chesterfield sofa with handsome tufting detail in beautiful antique leather.


Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, mohair and silk can be incorporated into traditional decor style. More humble fabrics such as linen and cotton are also common in traditional style living rooms. You can incorporate pretty much any texture providing it’s in keeping with the rest of your room. In reality though, not many homeowners are able to get away with a sofa that is heavily upholstered in high maintenance fabrics like silk, this is why these materials are best suited for low traffic items such as pillows and curtains.

Begin with a pivotal fabric and then subtly add patterns from the same colour pallet. A layer of texture and pattern will add interest and character to your living room. Florals, damasks, ikats, plaids and stripes are among the most common patterns used in traditional decor. If your living room flooring is made of tile or wood, consider adding an accent rug, this will add a feeling of warmth and tradition to your living room.


The addition of artwork will contribute texture, colour and personality to your room. Many experienced designers base room arrangement and color pallettes on great pieces of art. If you don’t have the budget to purchase a large art piece, there are a number of more affordable ways to create visual impact. You could try grouping similar images together to create one big collective image.

Architectural Moldings

Crown moldings, wainscoting, panel relief molding all contribute to the traditional detailing of old world masters and when budget allows add elegant detailing and definition to the room.

Traditional crown molding

Crown molding with doorway detailing CorbelsHeader

Corbel brackets with applied moldings header-tilton

Wood Coffer ceiling detail



Putting it all together

Custom Area Carpet Detail with Teal accent inset border and Beige outer border

Custom Area Carpet Detail with Teal accent inset border and Beige outer border

If you look at any great living space, you will notice that it’s all about the way in which pieces are put together. Be sure to have a focal point that demands attention yet still compliments the other elements of your room, all the items and furnishings that surround the focal point can then be positioned in relation to it. Your focal point can be anything, a fireplace, artwork or even a sofa. Try to keep things as symmetrical as possible; this will keep a sense of balance within the room. For example, place two chairs or sofas either side of your fire place. While they don’t have to be identical, they should be similar in shape and size.



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This article was contributed by David at Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield Sofas


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