Be Fabricut: Mount Vernon – Volume II Collection

Stunning fabric collection and great colors add interest


MV Embroidery Pillows (H)

Fabricut and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association collaborate to help preserve a piece of American history. In its second collection inspired by the vast grounds and treasured archives of the first president’s remarkable estate in Virginia, Fabricut’s Mount Vernon Embroidery and Mount Vernon Trimmings – Vol. II reveal the elegant and hospitable spirit of George and Martha Washington.

Inspired by the first president’s beloved home on the banks of the Potomac River, this collection builds off of the original fabric and trimming collection and focuses on beautiful embroidery fabrics and trimmings; its designs have a historical undertone but are fresh for today’s traditional and transitional interiors.

Fabricut’s product designers searched through the various archives and items found at the estate, along with the estate itself and its rooms. Each pattern tells a story from a moment in time at Mount Vernon.

“Textiles were among the most valuable items in an…

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Waterproof HDTVs – Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, Interior Design

Viewing HDTV in your Bathroom

Latest waterproof HDTV screens for bathrooms

Mirror HDTV, waterproof options make their way into bathrooms

Watching HDTV from the comfort of your own bathroom is one of the latest electronic upgrades for bathroom remodeling.
Mirror HDTV’s may be mounted above the vanity, bathtub or in your shower wall with many waterproof, tempered mirror glass television options available in clean contemporary frameless styles or with traditional and modern picture frames to coordinate with your décor. The mirrors house an HDTV with ultra-bright LED screens that are fog free and when turned off create a complete mirror.  Accessories include waterproof remote control, built-in speakers or remote speakers for enhanced sound.

Moderate priced Bathroom TV screen

Evervue TK Bathroom TV White with an 18 1/2″ screen size starts around $ 620.00; optional Android add on $ 135.00

With the optional Android App you can browse the internet, watch movies, check Facebook, Twitter, email, play games, read eBooks, watch live internet TV, Radio, Movies, YouTube and chat with your friends from your bathtub or shower! Would you actually chat with your friends from your bathtub?

Installation above a bath tub or next to a vanity is not difficult provided the wall is not tiled, with the same principle of housing a medicine cabinet in a wall pocket. Simplest install if you are not remodeling is to buy a fully housed version that you attach directly to the wall with a mounting plate. The tricky part is the power and cable wiring that comes out from the bottom of the housing and will need to be configured with your audio-visual/cable/internet house connections and if you use remote speakers the wiring must extend from the main HDTV unit to the speaker locations. Not difficult for trained electricians and wiring specialists but probably a bit more than the typical DIY task.
Bathroom HDTV framed screen sizes are 18.5”, 22” and 32” screens, measured diagonally, with the overall framed size similar in dimensions to a computer monitor.

Round bathroom mirror TV

40″ Round vanity mirror with either a 15.6″ or 22″ TV screen

Vanity mirrors, or MirrorVue can be as large as you need with rectangular mirror sizes ranging from 27.5, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 125” widths and various height options to fit your bathroom. You then select the TV screen size 15.6, 22, 32, 40, 46, 50 or 60” which is centered on the lower portion of the mirror. Some smaller models are just under $ 1,000.00, with many medium size screen models available under $ 2,500.00 and very large mirror screens go up in pricing significantly. Round and square shapes are available in 40” and 50” diameter or square. The 40” round runs $ 1,830.00 with a 15.6” TV screen and you add $250.00 to increase the screen size to a 22”.  Integrated lighting options can create just the right light for putting on makeup and create a clean, contemporary design.

Built-in HDTV’s for today’s modern Kitchen
Evervue’s Kitchen Series installs seamlessly in or under Kitchen cabinets with a sleek, contemporary design. The stainless steel finish makes it easy to match with all other kitchen appliances and will look great in any kitchen. The Evervue Kitchen HDTV is completely water proof, the screen is protected by a strong, tempered reflective glass that gives the TV a beautiful mirror finish when turned off. Screen sizes are available in 18.5, 22 and 32″ with the housing dimensions of 22″ wide x 15.2″ high, 23.5″ wide x 17.75″ high or 37.5″ wide x 23.75″ high respectively and a box depth or 4″.

Kitchen TV ideas, interior design

Plan room to mount a TV in your kitchen cabinetry avoids the on the counter or hanging it from the wall cabinets and destroying the work counter space

All images are from Evervue USA Inc

Downsizing? Interior Design & Furniture Tips for Creating and Maximizing Space

Small furnishing ideas

Small scale furnishings, mirror and silver accents

It seems counter-intuitive that one of the most on-trend things you can do today, in terms of home ownership and interior design, is live in a smaller home. Downsizing is becoming more and more popular, as people increasingly realize they occupy a home larger than they need, perhaps an unused spare bedroom or home office, a basement or attic that’s going to waste, or a third bathroom that nobody ever enters, let alone actually uses.
With well-designed interiors and clever use of space, you can live with less, enjoying all the advantages of a smaller home and lower your carbon footprint with none of the disadvantages. The idea of downsizing can seem a bit daunting, even if you have space in your home you’re not using—it may conjure up images of cramped rooms, narrow hallways, and dark spaces. A small home definitely does not have to be that way. There’s so much you can do with smaller spaces, and in some ways, working with less square footage forces you be more creative with design ideas, and explore possibilities you may not think to consider.

residential space plan, www.

Hand drawn Floor plan layout

The key is careful planning, of your home’s layout, and of the way you decorate it. Floor planning is the best way to figure out how to use your space, and while there are now apps that assist you do this, it’s still just as effective to use pen and paper and an experienced design professional will create options beyond the cookie cutter method of drop in place furnishings.

Multi-Functional Fixtures and Furnishings Help You Do More with Less

Storage Ideas under stairs

Under stair storage cubbies add extra space

Planning aside, the most important aspects of furnishing a small home (or room) is with creative space planning and highly selective furnishing choices. In terms of using space effectively, there are typically nooks and crannies, even in a smaller home, where extra storage can easily be added.  Above or over doors, under beds, cupboard door interiors, and beneath stairs, are spaces that go unused in larger homes, but in a smaller one, can be modified with shelves, drawers, or storage modules turning them into useful spaces.

When it comes to the furnishings you choose, furniture with more than one function is particularly useful. If your home doesn’t have an office or spare bedroom, the simplest and most practical solution for providing accommodation for guests is a comfortable fold-out sleep sofa. Whatever furniture choices you decide scale is most important to not overwhelm the space with excessively large furnishings designed for today’s larger homes. Suitably scaled smaller furnishings will make the small spaces feel larger.

Contemporary small scale sofa

Contemporary small scale sofa

Transitional small scale settee, slightly curved makes an interesting piece

Transitional small scale settee, slightly curved makes an interesting piece












Storage Bench seat

Storage Bench seat


Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman



Highly useful is the humble ottoman—part footrest, part stool, and part storage unit—a smaller one can serve as a chair, a larger one as a coffee table, and an ottoman of any size can double as extra storage.




A Small Room doesn’t have to Feel Small

Small scale furnishings home decor

Small scale furnishings, glass, mirror finish ideas

Designing small spaces isn’t just about using space effectively, it’s also about making spaces look bigger than they are. Small spaces that are badly designed feel claustrophobic and are unpleasant to be in, but it’s not difficult to employ a few design tricks to open up even the smallest rooms. Mirrors, shiny silver surfaces and crystal bounce light in many directions add a glint of light airy feel.
Downsizing Ideas contributed by reader, Jenni Cooper, edited and photos by Peggy Golden, ASID

Colorful Geometric Fabric Designs for 2014 – the new Ikat!

Geometric Fabrics 1;

Contemporary fabric patterns on crisp White grounds

Geometric Fabrics 1;

From Fabricut – Bold patterns used sparingly, the back of a chair and accent pillows

Collection of new fabric introductions from several manufacturers: Fabricut, Greenhouse, Quadrille and Mayer Fabrics. Geometric patterns are taking center stage this year with bold and bright colors highlighted on crisp white backgrounds.

Fabricut, modern-nuances-1;

Sheer drapery panels with elegant overlapping circle pattern creates a beautiful, light window treatment for modern draperies. Fabricut




Colorful Fabrics of 2014;

From Quadrille – Modern damask with a twist – reverse block coloring creating two different looks for the same design; bright colorways on crisp white background

Geometric Fabrics 2;

Lively geometric in bold fuscia/white combination and a great multicolored neutral stripe fabric

Greenhouse fabrics, 203548;

Classic Chevron design in popular coastal colors, great for pillows and draperies

Geometric Fabrics 3:

Bold Chevron Design in crisp clear colors with White background; Greenhouse Fabrics



Contract Fabrics for 2014;

Exciting new patterns with deep plum tones

Contract Textiles: Mayer Fabrics: Textures and Tapestries collection of fabrics is engineered with Crypton 2.0 for a softer and greener result. The patterns include Malibu, Nirvana, Xanadu (pictured), and Debonair. With bold and exotic colors, these fabrics are designed for healthcare, hospitality, and education settings including Senior Living or window seats where your pet is always perched!

Traditional Interior Design Furnishings and Details

Traditional English Furniture and Drapery, Great Falls, VA

Federal style fireplace, coffered wood ceiling, English furnishings, traditional swag and jabot drapery design


Creating a traditional style living room


Traditional Interior Design and furniture, Great Falls, VA

Traditional Interior Design with English Furnishings, Swag and Jabot Toile draperies

Are you longing for a traditional style living room? When people think of traditional interior design, they associate it with a timeless, calm and classic living space. One of the reasons why this decorating style has stood the test of time is because it’s incredibly flexible and can be married with various other decor styles whether that be contemporary or rustic.

As this is the most common decorating style of all, it’s likely that you may have grown up in a home that was decorated in a traditional style. Traditional style incorporates decor from a diverse range of time periods and cultures can include just about anything from ornate and opulent to simple and spare.

One of the main reasons why this style is still regarded as traditional is because of the lines of the finishing and the use of architectural details. In this article I will provide you with a number of ideas to help you create a living room that is both traditional and comfortable.

Traditional Furnishings Great Room Interior Design, Reston, VA

Traditional Furnishings, Custom Upholstery, Window Treatments and Area Rugs


Traditional Interior Design with custom Entertainment Center, Reston, VA

Traditional Furnishings with Custom Entertainment Bookcase Unit and custom Area Rugs


Consistency is paramount when creating a traditional style living room, so try to create a consistent theme that is based largely on colour. Neutral color tones are often used on large pieces of upholstery and walls. Part of the reasoning behind painting the upholstery and walls in neutral colors is to mute them and divert attention to other showpieces such as rugs and amazing art pieces.

All white color palettes are a good choice if you want to allow your living to lend itself to both opulence and minimalism. That being said, balance is the most important consideration to make when selecting colors for your living room. The general rule of thumb is to only use bright colors if they are offset by neutral tones.


Furniture found in traditional styles usually tend to have a familiar shape that is both recognisable and iconic. A prime example of this is the Chesterfield Sofa; although it has been reinterpreted numerous times it is still most suited to traditional decor styles. Pieces of upholstery should be comfortable and neutral without being too fussy.

To create a relaxed feeling of elegance, try combining a Chesterfield sofa with antiques and some subtle contemporary pieces. Rich wooden tones and painted pieces add a nice element to traditional style; this can be done with painted wooden tables or dressers.

High back leather sofa with traditional tufting

High back leather sofa with traditional tufting

Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield Sofas traditional (2)

Traditional English Chesterfield sofa with handsome tufting detail in beautiful antique leather.


Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, mohair and silk can be incorporated into traditional decor style. More humble fabrics such as linen and cotton are also common in traditional style living rooms. You can incorporate pretty much any texture providing it’s in keeping with the rest of your room. In reality though, not many homeowners are able to get away with a sofa that is heavily upholstered in high maintenance fabrics like silk, this is why these materials are best suited for low traffic items such as pillows and curtains.

Begin with a pivotal fabric and then subtly add patterns from the same colour pallet. A layer of texture and pattern will add interest and character to your living room. Florals, damasks, ikats, plaids and stripes are among the most common patterns used in traditional decor. If your living room flooring is made of tile or wood, consider adding an accent rug, this will add a feeling of warmth and tradition to your living room.


The addition of artwork will contribute texture, colour and personality to your room. Many experienced designers base room arrangement and color pallettes on great pieces of art. If you don’t have the budget to purchase a large art piece, there are a number of more affordable ways to create visual impact. You could try grouping similar images together to create one big collective image.

Architectural Moldings

Crown moldings, wainscoting, panel relief molding all contribute to the traditional detailing of old world masters and when budget allows add elegant detailing and definition to the room.

Traditional crown molding

Crown molding with doorway detailing CorbelsHeader

Corbel brackets with applied moldings header-tilton

Wood Coffer ceiling detail



Putting it all together

Custom Area Carpet Detail with Teal accent inset border and Beige outer border

Custom Area Carpet Detail with Teal accent inset border and Beige outer border

If you look at any great living space, you will notice that it’s all about the way in which pieces are put together. Be sure to have a focal point that demands attention yet still compliments the other elements of your room, all the items and furnishings that surround the focal point can then be positioned in relation to it. Your focal point can be anything, a fireplace, artwork or even a sofa. Try to keep things as symmetrical as possible; this will keep a sense of balance within the room. For example, place two chairs or sofas either side of your fire place. While they don’t have to be identical, they should be similar in shape and size.



Author by-line:

This article was contributed by David at Thomas Lloyd Chesterfield Sofas

Kitchen Plumbing 101: Everything and The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen remodeling tips for sink installation and more, plumbing basics

The many Shades of Modern Light Fixtures

Modern wall sconce with shade

Wall sconce in French Gold finish with linen shade

Adding a beautiful light fixture is a favorite way to quickly change any space.  We love the new modern selections with shades that soften the glare of the fixture’s  lamps.  Here are few design selections that are classic and timeless.  Although the metal finish of choice for several years now has been silver or satin nickel look for a move to warmer finishes like Champagne Silver and French Gold.

modern wall sconce with shade

Elegant wall sconce with a crystal column in a warm silver finish

Modern wall sconce with shade

Wall sconce in French Gold finish with linen shade

Modern Glass shade chandelier

Single tier chandelier in Champagne Silver Finish with cutout metalwork design over etched cream glass

Modern chandelier, metal and linen shade

Single tier chandelier in Silver Finish with detailed metalwork design over linen shade

Modern wall sconce, glass shade

Modern Wall Sconce in Satin Nickel finish with Matte Opal glass shade