Kitchen Storage that Hides at Floor Level, Toe Kick Drawers

Great ideas for adding more kitchen storage and clever use of toe kick drawers. All manufacturers standard toe kick is 4″ in height. Toe kick drawers in a standard 4″ base will allow for items that are 2 1/2″ in height or less to be stored. If you wish to store pet bowls or larger items then you need to ask for a higher toe kick.


Custom Kitchen Design and Planning

Custom Kitchen Design & Planning

Modern, contemporary kitchen with classic white cabinetry. Double height wall cabinets create the illusion of a taller than standard 8′-0″ ceiling height. Sophisticated lighting design provides for glare free worksurfaces and dimming allows controlled light levels with energy savings. Lighted accent shelves add interest without the dust build up behind the glass doors. Picture perfect for today’s living spaces.