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Interior Design, Modern Drapery Design, Custom Area Rugs – Great Falls, VA

2015 Interior Design and Custom Area Rugs, (20)

Family Room custom carpet with matching border, size 14′-6″ length x 7’9″ width

We began the home design by first selecting area rugs for the Family Room, Foyer and Living Rooms.  The customer called for assistance exhausted from searching, ordering and returning rug selections trying to coordinate with her existing furnishings and light yellow painted walls.  We presented many patterned broadloom carpet selections in her home with her furniture and lighting making the selection process simpler.  The Family Room and Foyer carpets match and use a wool and silk broadloom field with a matching border. 

The Living Room carpet has a patterned field bordered with two solid color carpets.  The custom fabricated carpets are able to be sized to fit the room dimensions and coordinate with her existing furnishings beautifully.

2015 Interior Design and Custom Area Rugs,

Custom Carpet 1st designed with grey accent border

custom carpet design process

carpet selection process in home with actual lighting









Modern home interiors include custom window treatments completing the finishing touch of any room.  We used a traditional swag and jabots drapery style fabricated with a contemporary sheer fabric and banded with a shimmering gold silk fabric.  The small gold banding provides definition to the swags and jabots and highlights the pattern in the sheer fabric.  This modern drapery design with traditional styling blends nicely with the home’s architecture is used throughout the main level rooms for a unified design.

Windows draped with beautiful fabrics, define the views, add warmth and character to complete the home’s design and provide acoustical softness. Drapery design takes time selecting the right materials and hardware to enhance your existing furnishings.  When designing custom window treatments it is important to scale the treatment perfectly to the window shape and size or to the entire window wall, as in the Family Room with 3 windows across the back of the home.   Here we framed the entire wall of windows using the jabots with long tails on the outer edges and short tails in the middle – notice that the short tails are perfectly aligned with the wall sconces creating a nice balance.  The goal is to allow maximum viewing and just the right decorative element to complete your interiors.

Our favorite drapery fabrics are light, airy sheers with timeless design patterns as in this elegant sheer embroidered with gold and silver threads.  Contemporary sheer fabrics have a soft elusive design and do not overwhelm a room as heavier fabrics of traditional drapery stylings.   


Kitchen Storage that Hides at Floor Level, Toe Kick Drawers

Great ideas for adding more kitchen storage and clever use of toe kick drawers. All manufacturers standard toe kick is 4″ in height. Toe kick drawers in a standard 4″ base will allow for items that are 2 1/2″ in height or less to be stored. If you wish to store pet bowls or larger items then you need to ask for a higher toe kick.

New Accent Color Emerging – Fuchsia

New Accent Color Emerging - Fuchsia

Small amounts of accent colors add drama and excitement, look at how lively this white sofa is with the stunning fuchsia accent pillows and leather cocktail table. Introduction from M|T Company furniture manufacturer for the October 2013 High Point Fall Market

Which Kitchen Sink Design works best for your family?


Kohler Smart Divide Porcelain Sink

Kohler Smart Divide Porcelain Sink

When remodeling our kitchen four years ago the current sink design trend was large single basin sinks or farm sinks touting that all your pans and cutting boards can easily be cleaned within the one large basin. Shortly after using this large single sink we realized the huge waste of water and energy to clean this sink regularly is excessive. Since then we recommend the newer smart divide sinks as the solution to one large sink. A double basin sink with one smaller sink for easy tasks and one larger basin for when needed with a low divider allows easy cleaning of larger pans or cutting boards when required. Kohler was first with the low divide sink in porcelain with graceful curves as pictured above and one of our favorite clients loves her new sink. We think this is one of the prettiest and most functional sinks available today.

Large single Bowl, graceful curves

Large single Bowl, graceful curves

Stainless Steel option we used in our home, nice curves for easy cleaning, entire sink must cleaned every time.

Zero Radius corners - not easily cleaned

Zero Radius corners – not easily cleaned

Stainless Steel sinks are wonderful for ease of maintenance and longevity and are now being manufactured with smart divide options, however we have not found them with small and larger basins, just equal width basins. The current design trend for sinks are 90 degree corners or zero radius; it boasts a newer avante-garde styling – just looking at these square corners is distressing. Kitchen sinks clean easier with gracefully curved corners – the cleaning brush travels around the corners. The thought of hitting a square edge corner is not comfortable. Our belief is that zero radius sink trends will be short lived once homeowners start cleaning these sinks and realize they get stuck at the corners.

Smart divide with 2 equal sinks, Stainless steel farmhouse styling

Smart divide with 2 equal sinks, Stainless steel farmhouse styling

The kitchen sink is used non stop daily for many tasks and functions. Selecting the right shape, size and number of bowls is personal and subjective to your design sense and how you would like it to function. Using a single large basin for every task is wasteful of precious water resources and the energy expended to heat the water. Cleaning the sink is a non stop activity – curved corners makes your life easier. Having used zero radius sinks in a church setting preparing homeless meals our belief is these square edged designs should remain in commercial applications and homeowners should consider all aspects of cleaning, water and energy usage before they finalize their selection.

Porcelain sink options

Cast Iron with soft curves Kohler’s Smart divide

Summer Fabrics – Crisp, Clean, Refreshing Design Ideas

kravet oceania_pic

new from Kravet – coastal colors: blues, white and creams

New fabric fashions for inspiring window treatments and upholstery selections, blue colors still prevail as homeowner’s favorite providing a calm livable quality to any space. Think bedrooms, family rooms or any space you wish for a relaxing retreat from the non stop world we live in.

New exotic collection from Kravet
New fabric fashions for inspiring window treatments and upholstery projects. Blues still very much in demand for home furnishings.
kravet exotictravels

New design patterns from Fabricut
Handsome new collection with coordinating floral, stripes and Ikat patterns.
fabricut stroheim-sol-022013

New sheer fabric designs from Kravet
kravet sheers window3

Drapery Design Master Bedroom

Drapery Design Master Bedroom

Handsome navy blue embroidered silk fabric with accent buttons and ribbon trim, matching pillows and custom box pleat dust ruffle.

Custom Kitchen Design and Planning

Custom Kitchen Design & Planning

Modern, contemporary kitchen with classic white cabinetry. Double height wall cabinets create the illusion of a taller than standard 8′-0″ ceiling height. Sophisticated lighting design provides for glare free worksurfaces and dimming allows controlled light levels with energy savings. Lighted accent shelves add interest without the dust build up behind the glass doors. Picture perfect for today’s living spaces.